About The Brand

Heirs is quite literal. Heir: a person inheriting and continuing the legacy of a predecessor. In this case the “predecessor(s)” are the parents of the future Heirs. The Heirs will eventually be empowered, experienced, and filling the roles of the generations that came before them, in one way or another. Jobs will change and the future will advance rapidly, but to ensure that the future is bright, the Heirs need your help. Middle school and High school education systems are outdated, but an entire revamping of the education system in the United States involves small steps towards a bigger goal. Heirs Believes in supporting the youth at a young age and giving them the tools necessary to learn their interests at a younger age outside the classroom. Currently the youth are confined to school classrooms for 6-8 hours per day. In this time they are forced to take classes that are not fulfilling the potential for modern education. The youth are strong and grateful for the opportunities possible in this modern era, but not everyone has them, and not everyone has unlimited access. Heirs is For The Youth and with your help we will be saving 50%, of all profits from sales. We hope to use this money to open a facility, and eventually many more, that offers free educational resources 24/5 such as a computer lab, science lab, music studio, art studio, study room, etc., and mentor programs to the youth in middle school - college.

“We are For The Youth, the Heirs, their future.” - HeirsFTY Clothing